Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews

If you are a conscious homeowner or a businessman and your major concern is the security of your property then you need to go through the Liftmaster garage door opener reviews. Liftmaster is undoubtedly a name that cannot be challenged in the world of the garage door openers. It is a great solution for the ones who want a convenient opening and closing of the garage doors. The instruction manual comes with all the basic information. The battery is powerful enough to operate even the heaviest garage doors without any problem. It works efficiently in operating the 0.75 HP motor. If you are tired of the loud noises of your old gate opener then you will see that the Liftmaster gate opener is fitted with such awesome parts that least noise is generated due to the integration of  Motor Vibration System integrated into the system. It consumes less power, less energy yet gives perfect operating system as compared to other garage door openers for sale.  Most of the Liftmaster garage door openers come with the MyQ technology that allows the user to operate the gate opener from a remote place by using the keypad of your smartphone as the controller. If the user wants to reset the settings he has complete control over them.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews

Below is the given comparison table of Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews.

Garage Door OpenerReliabilityAvailable InPricing
Liftmaster MT5011U GreatUSA Check Price
LiftMaster 8557WGreatUSA Check Price
LiftMaster 3265-267GoodUSA Check Price
LiftMaster 828LMGreatUSA Check Price

Liftmaster MT5011U 

LiftMaster MT5011U is a garage door LiftMaster MT5011U Reviewopener with no rail. It is basically what we call a trolley operator, which is a commercial door operator. It is designed for standard lift sectional doors. The height of the door can be up to 14 feet and the garage door opener can afford up to 12 cycles per hour. The control station has a three-push-button to allow you to open, close, or stop thegarage door.

In comparison with its competitors, it has a much higher capacity insofar as most competitor lifters can only afford dealing with doors up to 10 feet. Its features make it a good choice, as it has, for instance, bushings filled with oil and that are typical of heavy duty lifters.

With it, you can simply program cycles in advance. Plus, you will be updated once your system needs maintenance. The accessories needed to operate it are included, so you will not need to bear further expenses. The device can work both manually and automatically, according to your own preferences.

If you choose to use this device automatically, you can take advantage of the timer-to-close feature. You will only need to set the amount of time after which you want the garage door to close once a car leaves the garage. Also, the radio technology used for the control is excellent. During an emergency, you can simply decide to disconnect the system if needed and choose to switch to the manual mode instead.

However, it should be noted that MT5011U, unlike traditional garage door openers, does not come with a chain rail. You will have to get that separately if you do not have it already. Also, the installation might seem a little technical to you as this is heavier and medium duty type of door lifter (Indeed, it can work with 230V and 115V). But once you read all the instructions carefully, you are ready to handle everything better. Plus, if you program cycles upon installation, things will become a lot easier, as the garage door will open and close according to the programmed cycles. Users tend to be satisfied with the specifications and features, especially with regards to the 14 ft height capacity and the possibility to set 12 cycles per hour.

The device can handle up to 20 remote controls, it is compliant with all safety/security standards and norms, and the adjustable friction clutch will allow you to prevent obstacles from damaging the door and the operator. With the NEMA 1 electrical box, you can even increase the device’s durability.


  • it can lift the garage door up to a 14-ft height
  • it can handle 12 cycles per hour
  • it is a solid, durable, medium duty garage door lifter that can handle heavy doors.
  • automatic updates are given for maintenance.


  • the rail is not provided.
  • the installation is a bit technical and may not seem easy to everyone.


In conclusion, this device can definitely be categorized as a premium quality device, offering the best features for a relatively affordable price.

LiftMaster 8557W reviewLiftMaster 8557W

The LiftMaster is a brand which has made a name in the market by manufacturing some amazing quality garage door openers. They make it for the home owners as well as for industry owners and then there are some models that can be used by both. The liftmaster 8557W is also among such models that both can use and it comes with some sleek features. We will talk about the product in detail here in our liftmaster 8557W review.

The product works on the principles of belt drive and is, therefore, a belt driven garage door opener. It has a ¾ horse power motor that assures that it is able to life some very heavy garage doors with ease. The machine operates on the 120V power with 60 Hz phase and has some very decent features to go along.

The door comes with MyQ technology. It is great to automate the work for you. Just by a tap on your smartphone, you will be able to open and close the door and monitor the operations by sitting at the distance. For those of you that are willing to know what goes on behind your back in the garage, the monitoring system will help you to see all the action with the help of the smartphone app that is integrated with this door opener. Moreover, you will be able to receive the alerts on your mobile regarding the status of the garage and a popup will be there whenever someone opens and closes the door.

Moreover, you can integrate 2 lights with the garage as there is a lighting system which supports 2 lights. They should not be more than 100 watts and once integrated with the door opener you can adjust the light time delay as well. The compact fluorescent lightbulbs can also be used along this opener but they must not exceed the limit of 26 watts per light. All these can also be controlled if you are able to integrate it with the MyQ system and you can turn it off and on as per the requirements.

Also, there is a lifetime warranty that is applicable for the motor of the machine. It is a stamp on the quality of the product and on the fact that the motor will work as it is intended. Moreover, there is also five years guarantee for several other motor parts.

There are is a protector system for the security of the garage and interior manual release handle to operate it manually. The security+ 2.0 and PosiLock adds up to the safety and security of this opener.


  • Lifetime guarantee on motor.
  • Comes with Security+ 2.0 and PosiLock that assures security for your garage.
  • Protector system to reverse the operation if something is under the door.


  • DIY is not recommended. It should be installed by professionals only.
  • The standby power system only guaranteed for 1 year.


So, this is all about the 8557 . It is not just about the smooth and easy operation that can be controlled remotely but also about the security and safety which makes this product a standout in the market.

Liftmaster 3265-267 ReviewLiftMaster 3265-267

Lifemaster works with the modern technology. To get access to the multi-range optional garage door access, LiftMaster is the right source. Learn more about the garage door opener with the LiftMaster 3265-267 Review. It is designed with the modern technology and due to this users can change the code easily. They can program the code electronically that works as per their requirement. LiftMaster offers the security devices that come with modern technology. Versatility is the most important features of the Security Solutions.

As per the Review, it performs efficiently and contains the power head Quick Connect TM terminal to use it normally. Users can utilize it in the manner you need it is the item based on the multiple choices. It is very easy to install. It contains ½ HP motor that contains supreme heavy-duty motor that enables the performance in the best possible manners. Some of the modern features of this products are power saving, security, speed and many more. The majority of the people find it easy to use because of the high-quality.

According to the Review, it is ensured that all key personnel or authorized people know how the security system of the 3265-267 works, it is comfortable with its operation, and access codes are updated to ensure the terminal security to prevent losses in business cashes. Its modified systems are based on standard phone wiring to send alerts. In the security industry this device is the famous name but there is not much variety of tools of this brand.

For the home users, it is better to install this garage door opener that is much better in providing security from all risks as compared to the other brands. It comes with variety of colors and sizes or shapes. The product contains massive design but smaller in size with bulkier impression. It comes in plastic material that is available in three colors.

The Review tells that this product is not battery operated and users do not need net of wire to install to get it working. A professional is required to install it. The majority of the homeowners feel it very troublesome to install it on the door. It is not a big issue. The modern products are highly wonderful and very easy to install. As compared to the others, it is quite safe to and simple to install.

The most significant feature is that, the high tech security system comes with electric technology. There is a broad range of products available in the market that are user’s friendly. This will be your best bet if you use it is to keep your family secure.


  • It contains 200 watt of light
  • It comes with multi-functional control panel
  • Users can set their code electronically
  • It offers option for adjustable light time


  • Does not contain safety sensor
  • No Rail assembly


With the ½ HP motor, it is very easy to operate. With this leading security solution you can get variety of benefits. This is better because users can connect it to the home security system.

LiftMaster 828LM ReviewLiftMaster 828LM

Do you want to buy a garage door opener? It means you need some extra accessories with it. All these products are helpful to make your garage more efficient. As per LiftMaster 828LM Review, this product is entirely safe and secure for all users. This is an internet gateway device that works with the app on your smartphone. The main objective of designing it is to provide excellent security with a good alert system. It provides protection while you are away with message alerts on your devices.

According to theReview, LiftMaster considers using a cellular backup system to protect against security breaches. If you have an existing facility, wireless can eliminate the workload, and possibly expensive, route wiring through existing walls. The type of the device is internet gateway with dimension of 8x2x6 inches. It is made of high-quality plastic material. With the weight of the 3.2 ounces, it is highly lightweight. This device is designed for residential use only. It can control sixteen devices and 2 doors of the garages at a time. MyQ technology is the amazing feature of this product. It is highly useful for the majority of the home users. The Review tells, it allows the users to close or open the garage door from anywhere. The use of this remote technology is great to control the home lighting with computer, tablet, smartphone and many more. You can connect it with your home router. This gadget performs excellent with every Liftmaster garage door openers. You can use it to handle 16 devices or two garages at a time. This is a user’s friendly device that comes with dynamic features.

Review the significance of the wireless security system that contains wonderful mechanism for providing the amazing security system for your garage safety. Get knowledge about the infrared technology. Wireless Security system has the ability to manage the camera with easy to use mobile apps make preventing your home than ever. Learn more about the device from the Review. Liftmaster Security Solution always offers you peace of mind to keep you connected with your family friends. You will always with them even when you are not in the home.The installation of the home security cameras and no cost tip to jeep your home safe. Joining the device with the smartphone utilizing the MYQ app is very simple. It is simple to read manually. By following the instructions simply and connecting the app easily you will enjoy the facility of controlling the garage door.


  • Comes with light scheme
  • As soon as the unit sets up the indication mode starts
  • It contains LEDs
  • User’s friendly device


  • It works only with the Android and does not work with the tablet
  • This device is suitable for sectional doors.


The internet gateway devices are inexpensive and easy to set up. This device is great to because it offers good control the garage door opener. There is a drastic change in the technology. The modern device contains the material that helps to handle the operation of opening and closing the door.