LiftMaster 8500 Review

LiftMaster 8500 ReviewThere are a number of people that look forward to automatic garage door openers. LiftMaster has been making some amazing models and one among them is the LiftMaster 8500. Belongs to the category of Elite garage door openers, there are a number of advantages of using it. Numerous features come embedded in this garage door opener that will be revealed to you in this liftmaster 8500 review.

Choosing a good garage door opener, even from a reputable brand, is not an easy task. There are a number of options available to you and numerous choices make it confusing for an individual to pick the right one. The liftmaster 8500 is a model that operates on jackshaft, side mount, principles which is different from other doors that you find in the market. Generally, there are belt driven and chain driven models but this is jackshaft and it has numerous edges to the ones that work on other principles.

This is an automatic garage door opener that takes away the hectic from you of stepping down from the car, open the garage, park the car there and then close it again. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market. Instead, you can use it with the help of the automatic button that comes along. There are numerous safety and security features that are embedded in this model to make sure that your garage and car parked there is safe and secure. It has MyQ technology that let you operate the garage door opener with the help of your smartphone.

This hefty door opener works with p# motors and has great power to lift the doors. Coming at a very affordable price, it guards your garage door with the help of security+ 2.0 feature. As soon as you tap it, a new code is sent to the door opener which prevents any kind of hacks and thefts. This security system is a high standard one that is being used in modern day automatic garage door openers.

The protection system is there to help prevention of closing the door if some obstacle is there. With this technology, a beam is projected which assures that no interruption is there and the door can be closed. In case that there is something which hinders the closing of the door, the system will reverse and the door won’t close.

There is a set of other accessories that come along. These include the power lock, a wall control, safety beams and remote light.


  • It is one of the most affordable jackshaft automatic garage door openers.
  • The model is highly durable.
  • Can be operated over MyQ internet gateway with smartphone.
  • Security+ 2.0 and protection system are outstanding.


  • Some users report that the cables are slightly smaller as compared to their garage doors.
  • There are questions over the quality of the screws that come along.


The liftmaster 8500 is a great jackshaft garage door opener that comes at a reasonable price. Given above, the liftmaster 8500 review guides you about the product and its various features. Considering that, you can evaluate the working of the item and figure out whether it is appropriate for you or not. And if this is not enough for you, here are some pros and cons of using this device.

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