LiftMaster 3280 Review

LiftMaster 3280 ReviewThe LiftMaster 3280 is a good garage door opener equipped with a powerful ½ HP AC motor belt drive system, which makes it suitable for both personal and industrial use. The ½ HP AC motor allows for reliable and smooth door opening and closing. Its performance is more than satisfactory and it is solid enough to work for years without damage. It is compatible with the MyQ technology, which allows you to open, close, and monitor your garage door anytime. You can thus remain in total control of your garage door and house lights, no matter where in the world you are. With a smartphone, tablet or computer, you will be able to supervise everything. You will only need to purchase the LiftMaster Internet Gateway accessory separately and download the app. Thanks to the MyQ technology, you will no longer be anxious about your door when you are not sure you closed it properly before leaving for the office, etc.

LiftMaster 3280 Review & Features

The remote control works well and allows for better control, from longer distances. In cases of power outages, you can use the manual release handle system that is incorporated in the garage door in order not to remain stuck inside your garage. The  LiftMaster 3280 is equipped with a motor vibration isolation system (MVIS) that essentially makes it quiet. The opening and closing of the door will only cause minimal noise and nuisance, by considerably reducing the vibration.

Its multi-functional control panel will allow you to control and program your security codes mechanically and easily. The overall installation and wiring is easy, too, thanks to the quick connect feature. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market. By providing you with an extra light source (200 watts), the LiftMaster 3280 enables you to enjoy having brighter and more convenient lighting. Also, you can be sure that your safety and protection will be ensured because the LiftMaster 3280 comes with a Patented PosiLock system for maximal security. Plus, the 315 MHz security+ will protect you from any code hacking or interference. The belt and its grip are made with precision and know-how, which will result in outstanding performance in comparison with other garage door openers.


  • It is a good-quality, easy-to-use, and durable garage door opener compatible with the MyQ technology.
  • It causes minimal noise when the garage door opens or closes and the updated belt drive system will prevent the belt from simply slipping and the door from “falling”.
  • The patented PosiLock system, which ensures maximum safety.
  • The 7 to 8 ft T-rail (single piece solid steel) guarantees minimal friction and greater performance. No need for lubrication even in extreme weather conditions (tough winters).


  • there are no reverse sensors.
  • there is no power backup so you will have to hope there is no power outage. However, the manual handle is always there and functional.


In conclusion, if you need good technology, minimal noise, reliability and solidity, the LiftMaster 3280 is definitely a good choice. Also, it is fit for both personal and industrial use, which is a good advantage.

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