Chamberlain Wd850kevg Review

Chamberlain WD850KEVG ReviewChamberlain has done a definitely a great job over the years of producing great and customer satisfying garage door opening devices. They have a wide range of garage door openers with full pack features and after buy services as well. They have made sure that quality is always up to the mark. It has also introduced a refurbished model in the market which is Chamberlain Wd850kevg review garage door opener which works as a perfectly brand new Chamberlain garage door opener.

A refurbished product is a product when an already used product is given back to the company and they inspect and renovate it by fixing all its error and put it on sale. It may sound that this chamberlain model which is refurbished may not be as good as the new ones. But surprisingly, Chamberlain Wd850kevg has done a great job in impressing. It is still one of the best high-quality technology by Chamberlain which is packed with excellent features like any other new chamberlain model.

Chamberlain Wd850kevg works on a motor of  1 horsepower. The motor works smoothly and is powerful enough to lift heavy garage doors steadily. It consists of a Whisper Drive which makes its working calm and quiet. So if you have room nearby garage, your sleep will not be disturbed by its quiet and silent working. The device is compatible with MyQ technology which allows you to operate it far away from the garage with your smartphones as well. The device is backed up with the battery so if you run out of power supply, you can operate it on batteries as well. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market.

This device is one of the greatest door openers due to its silent and efficient working. This is a refurbished carefully so that it feels that it is brand new. The functions are fully tested and made sure it is fulfilling the standards of the Chamberlain company. The company makes sure, that who so ever buys it does not feel that it has been reprocessed. It gives an impression that it is brand new with perfect functionality. All parts are well cleaned and made to sparkle. A team of highly qualified experts and engineers thoroughly inspect it to make sure there are no drawbacks or flaws in it before it goes into the hands of the customer. Then it is repacked and shipped to the stores where a customer can buy it like it was not refurbished but made from the scratch like brand new. This device weighs about 38 pounds and dimensions of the product are 26.5 x 8 x 13.2 inches.


  • It can be operated with smartphones with help of MyQ technology.
  • It is easy to fit into your garage door.
  • It works efficiently and with whisper drive the working of this device is silent.


  • It is not compatible with many cars and trucks.
  • It cannot be operated by Home Link by default.


Chamberlain Wd850kevg garage door opener is definitely one of the finest products by Chamberlain. It may be refurbished but the amount of hard work and effort that is put in by the company to reprocess it up to the mark truly pays off. The quality and functionality of this model are no doubt excellent.

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