Chamberlain pd612ev Review

chamberlain pd612ev ReviewThe Chamberlain PD612ev is one of those garage door openers that are really popular in the market. It is well-ranked and users are generally satisfied with its performance. Its ½ HP motor make it a good choice even if your garage door is a heavy one. It is equipped with a durable chain drive operation that guarantees you a stable and reliable performance, while opening and closing very smoothly and with minimal noise. Unlike many other garage door openers, this one is relatively silent and does not cause inconvenience in case you have rooms above your garage. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market.

Chamberlain pd612ev Facts & Features

The Chamberlain PD612ev, with its MyQ technology makes it possible for you to remotely control your garage door through your smartphone (all you will need for that is to get the internet gateway CIGBU separately and download the MyQ Home Control Application). It works on Radio frequencies 310, 31(, 390 and two 3-button remote controls are included as well as a keyless entry keypad and a multi-function wall control panel. As soon as the garage door opens, 200w lights turn on automatically, providing for more security, safety and comfort. This garage door opener is compatible with doors as high as 7 feet maximum. It is also compatible with Home-link (in-vehicle system) but you may need to purchase a compatibility bridge, depending on your vehicle.

Chamberlain pd612ev Review

The  Chamberlain PD612ev is relatively easy to install. There is a five-piece rail system and it is compatible with most garage doors, provided they are not higher than 7 feet. If they are, then you will need to buy 8-foot or 10-foot rail extensions kits separately.

The multi-function wall control and wireless keyless entry system make it easy manageable. The MyQ technology is the most interesting feature, as it allows you to be in total control of everything, no matter how far you are from your home. Getting notifications whenever the door opens or closes will make you feel relaxed even if you need to be absent for a while. Through the MyQ app, you may even be let known if a light remained on, for instance. The patented security 2.0 rolling code technologies, combined with the multi-frequency transmitters contribute to reducing interference and thus allow for better performance and longer ranges. The material used for the chassis and the rail is steel, you will then not need to worry about the solidity of the Chamberlain PD612ev.


  • Its MyQ technology
  • its patented security 2.0 rolling codes and radio frequencies
  • opens and closes smoothly and causes minimal noise
  • you will need to buy an additional kit if your door is higher than 7feet.


  • repairing it when out of order is not easy, you need to call a technician
  • its price (a little more expensive than other brands’ models in the same range)


In conclusion, this garage door opener is the perfect choice for those who enjoy remaining in control of everything. It is reliable, compatible with heavy doors, easy to use and convenient.


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