Chamberlain MyQ-enabled Review

Chamberlain MyQ-enabled ReviewWith the Chamberlain MyQ-enabled, also referred to as the Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 Universal Smartphone Garage Door Control, you will be able not only to open and close, but also to monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world. You probably already have a smartphone, so you will just need to download the MyQ home control application, which is available for both android and apple phones and tabs. The application is entirely free.

Chamberlain MyQ-enabled Review & Features

The pack comes with a wifi-hub that you will have to fix to your garage door opener, as well as a door sensor that you will attach to the garage door itself. After downloading the application, you will enjoy a new feeling: the one of being totally relaxed when it comes to your garage door. For those of us who are absent-minded or who simply are really responsible but end up wondering if they really turned off the lights, closed the garage door, etc., the Chamberlain MyQ-enabled is an awesome tool that will allow you to spend your day peacefully without wanting to rush back to your garage door and check on it, or to leave the office a little earlier. You can check if your garage door is opened or closed, you can open and close it through your smartphone, and you can get notified whenever the garage door gets opened. Also, you can control your outdoor lights easily through the same app. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market.

The Chamberlain MyQ-enabled is compatible with a majority of garage door openers equipped with standard safety reversing sensors. Mostly, garage door openers dating back to 1993 and later work with this tool. The installation is incredibly easy, it takes just a few minutes. Once you connect it with your home’s Wi-Fi, everything will fall into place. The Wi-Fi hub, the mounting bracket, the power cord, the door sensor, and the user guide are included in the pack.

Security and safety will no longer be issues. In case you need to get a delivery or open the door for you family members who forgot their key, you will be able to do it from wherever you are. You will even be able to close the door and make sure the delivery guys leave your house. You can also access the mobile website for other connected devices in which the app won’t be downloaded. The official compatibility tool will also allow you to make sure your garage door is compatible with the Chamberlain MyQ-enabled. MyQ works with Nest as well as Xfinity Home and you will be able to smartly and comfortably remain in control of what happens in your home all the time.


  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices.
  • Compatible with most garage doors.
  • Works with Nest and Xfinity.
  • Easy installation.


  • Chamberlain light control products are sold separately.
  • It is corded (electric), so it won’t work during power outages.


In conclusion, not only the design, but all the specifications of the product make it a good buy for people who like to remain in control when possible.


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