Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Reviews

It is highly important to keep all the doors securely locked. The necessity of having efficient garage doors is there for both domestic and the commercial purposes. In the absence of the efficient locking and opening systems, the owners have to face several problems. In this age when everything is going automatically, it is highly preferred to have auto close locks. Considering the recent requirements of the consumers all over the world Chamberlain has come up with some astounding garage door openers. They are fitted with the most sophisticated parts that make it possible to open and close the heaviest garage doors without making any bothering noises. They have special programs that can be used to operate the door openers with the help of the apps installed on your smartphones. The user can reset the settings as per his individual needs. These door openers come with long lasting Battery. The installation manual comes with easy to follow instruction details that cover every step from installation to the first use. The user does not need additional accessories to operate the garage doors. The Chamberlain garage door openers reviews reveal that these door openers work great in comparison with other openers of a similar kind.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Reviews

Below is the given comparison table of Chamberlain Garage Door Openers.

Garage Door OpenerReliabilityAvailable InPricing
Chamberlain WD1000 WFGreatUSA Check Price
Chamberlain 1/2 GreatUSA Check Price
Chamberlain Wd 832kevGoodUSA Check Price
Chamberlain PD512GreatUSA Check Price

Chamberlain WD1000 WF

Chamberlain manufactures some amazing and customer satisfying openers. The chamberlain WD1000 WF is one of their fine products. It works on an amazing power of 1.25 horsepower. It has some amazing features which can make many customers buy because of the ease and comfort it brings. It has a built-in Wi-Fi which allows it to work with MYQ Smartphone Control. It has a battery backup and an Ultra Quiet Belt Drive Operation.

The Wi-Fi allows operating the opening and closing of garage door anywhere from the home. You can simply download the MyQ smartphone application and connect it with your garage door device the 1.25 horsepower motor allows it to be used frequently with consistent efficiency. The Whisper Drive makes it work quietly and silently. So the functioning of opening and closing of garage door is smooth and causes little to no disturbances due to no noise pollution.It also has an LCD display which shows time, temperature, and other important information clearly.

It comes with many other awesome features. It comes along with a wireless keypad which helps in controlling the door. It consists of two 3-button garage door remote control. Along with that it also has a safety sensor which allows to warn you and prevent the device from carrying out further function when an error or obstacle is detected.

he multi-functions of the device allows you to set the timing for closing and opening of the garage door. So, you can set the desired time after you come home from closing the garage door. Even if you forget to go out and check on the door, the door will automatically close it set time for sure. It also comes with a light bulb, which helps to light up your garage. Also, a time of putting on and off of the bulb can be set. This can act as a great safety measure. Even if you are not home for a long period of time, the automatic turning on and off of the bulb will give an idea that someone is living warding off all theft threats. This is one of the best garage door opener on the market.

The weight of the device is 35.8 pounds and the dimensions are 26.8 x 8.1 x 13.4 inches.

It comes with a non-standard battery. Yes, the battery can operate up to 3 days when there is lack of power supply.


  • Works efficiently with a horsepower of 1.25
  • The whisper drive makes it work silently.
  • It has a battery backup, so if there is no power supply the battery can make it work for up to 3 days.


  • The manual is not easy to understand for beginners.
  • You have to buy extensions for garage doors higher than 7 ft.


The quiet nature and smooth working of it make it a very delightful product. The Wi-Fi connectivity is a great blessing where it allows you to operate it and keep a check on it from anywhere. The features and other accessories it comes with makes it a very good buy. The manufacturing of the device is of good quality so that it fits perfectly.


Chamberlain 1/2 – Hp Chain Drive

Chamberlain 1/2 – Horsepower Chain Review drive garage door opening device is a life-saving kind of device. This technology enables you to open and close the heaviest of heaviest garage doors easily and automatically. It removes the burden and hassle of getting out of the car when u reach home and opening the heavy garage door manually.

It works on a 0.5 Horsepower motor. This motor is powerful enough for the smooth and efficient working of it. This device comes with a three-button remote control, a doorbell control panel and a 100 watt light bulb. The remote works on multi-frequency. This allows it to work at different frequencies and also over a long range of distance as well. The working of remote is so well that even at longer distances it works with consistency. When the garage door opens, the 100-watt bulb lights up the garage for safety purposes. It is also compatible with Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote and also MyQ garage system

It also has a sound Protector system. This protector system is a useful thing in protecting the chain drive from damages. During the opening of the garage door, if any obstacle or problem occurs, the protector system signals the device to stop working so that any damages can be prevented.

Furthermore, it comes with safety features as well. It includes Security +2.0 rolling code technology and also PosiLock anti-theft protection. Such safety measures keep your belonging in the garage safe from threats of thefts. This prevents strangers from breaking in. Rail system comes in five pieces. This system can be used on garage doors which have a maximum height of 7 ft. With help of extension, which can be bought separately it can be used on garage doors which are higher than 7 ft. The motor is made to work in perfect condition up to 6 years and the chamberlain1/2- horsepower chain comes with a one whole year warranty. This makes it a very promising device. This device comes in black color and no batteries are required for its working.


  • The device works on 0.5 horsepower making it fast and efficient
  • It can be controlled with help of a remote control which works smoothly over a long range of distances.
  • The safety measures make it a great anti-theft device
  • The Protector System helps prevents it from future damages as it stops working on detection of any problem in system or obstacle.


  • It is not operable on battery. So there is no backup of its working when there is the power supply.
  • The rail system only fits on garage doors of 7 ft. height and not more than that.


Chamberlain1/2- horsepower chain drive is a great smooth working device. The safety measures really make it a great device in terms of security in modern times. The remote control is a great way of making life easy as you do not have to keep going towards the door to operate the door so the door can open. This device certainly, is a good choice for those who want a good and efficiently working opener.

Chamberlain Wd 832kev

Chamberlain has never failed with its quality when it comes to door openers. The Chamberlain WD832KEV is another masterpiece that Chamberlain has manufactured. It works on a ½ horsepower motor. The motor is efficient and the Ultra Quiet Belt Drove Operation allows it to work silently with least possible disturbance to anyone around. It also has a MyQ Smartphone Control compatibility.

The motor is powerful enough to lift the garage door smoothly and the silent nature makes it a very peaceful technology. So if there is any room near to your garage, the sound sleep or focus of the person in that room is never disturbed.

It comes along two 3-button remote control and a keyless Entry Keypad. This entry keypad has four digits so that you can enter a safety code of a combination of your own choice. Also, it comes with a Multifunction Wall Control Panel.

This amazing device comes with Timer options. This timer option allows you to set times for closing the garage door after 1, 5 or even 10 minutes. Another fantastic feature it consists of is the Motion detection. It detects motions and instantly turns on the garage light.

It has a wonderful package of warranty. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the motor. Not only that but also a 5-year warranty on the parts of device and 1-year warranty on the accessories that come along with it

The quiet and silent natures of this device are due to Motor Vibration Isolation System. It reduces most of the motor vibrations making it a gentle and calm device to use. The remote control work on three different frequencies. This feature of the remote makes it possible to work over long distances as well and also smoothly with no trouble at all.

The garage opener also comes with a protector opener. It has Rapid-Snap brackets which throw a beam of invisible light. If any error or hindrance causes the beam of light to be interrupted the device stops working until the hindrance or error is removed. This prevents the device from further damages.

It is great security device as it comes with chamberlain’s security and anti-burglary technology. It helps to detect any unusual opening or closing of the garage door and inform you through signals or alarms. Also, it consists of PosiLock theft protect.

The weight is about 35 pounds and dimensions of the product are 26.6 x 13.6 x 8.5 inches and it includes 2 AAA batteries as well. So if there is no power supply you can rely on the battery for the working of the device.


  • It works silently.
  • The motion detector is swift at detecting motion.
  • It is easy to install


  • It cannot be used on garage doors higher than 7 ft.


It is a great device it works smoothly and efficiently. The device is designed to reduce excessive noise and vibrations making it maintain peace. Also, the safety features of it are amazing allowing to have that perfect security for your garage.

Chamberlain PD512

In a busy life full of workload and stress, little things can be annoying as well. For example, when you come home tired from work it must be very annoying and tedious to get out of them and open the garage door. But this is no more a problem anymore with the grace of Chamberlain garage door opening technology. They have manufactured many of such technologies to make your life easy and among them is a mind-blowing device, the Chamberlain PD512. This model is full of many amazing features, which can make it a good choice when you buy yourself a garage door opening device.

This device works on a motor of ½ horsepower. This powerful motor does a great job of lifting and closing the garage door swiftly. It works with help of a durable and tough Chain Drive Operation. This chain is rough and tough and can bear the load easily. It works smoothly and efficiently without disappointing.

it comes with 2 one-button remote controls. These remote controls work on three different frequencies making them a tri-band frequency remote. This allows the remotes to work with perfection and consistency over large distances as well. Moreover, it also has a wall control panel.

This device also has a 100 watt light bulb which illuminates the entrance of your garage. This way you can park your car in the garage easily, without damaging your car. The bulb is bright enough to sufficiently light up your garage.

It comes with 5 rail system that fits perfectly on a garage door of height 7 ft. However, extensions are required for garage doors of height 8 or 10 ft. You can easily install it on your garage doors within a minute. The process of installing is very easy. And it is compatible with Home Link. So that you can make it work with your vehicle.

Chamberlain PD512 also fulfills the safety protocols. It includes safety sensors which allow detecting any obstruction or error while closing or opening of the garage door which allows it to stop working before any damage could be done. It is equipped with Patented Security +2.0 rolling code and also PosiLock anti-theft Protect. This keeps the garage door locked when you close it preventing thieves and strangers from breaking into your garage.

The motor comes with a good 6-year warranty. Not only that but also the chain, different parts of the device and accessories also have a warranty of full one year. The product weighs about 37.1 pounds and the dimensions of the product are 26.5 x 8 x 13.2 inches. It is backed up with batteries as well. It works on 2 LR44 batteries and comes in a beautiful Royal Blue color.


  • Durable chain drive system makes it work efficiently.
  • ½ horsepower motor is powerful and performs steadily
  • Remotes work a large range of distance as well.


  • There may be issues in working with one of the remotes.
  • The instructions given to set up the device are not complete and easy to understand.


It is excellent and efficiently working opener. Chamberlain PD512 a lot of features which makes it a great buy. It has all those features which can satisfy a customer at maximum level. It is a high-quality device with great functionality.