Top 10 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews 2018 & Buying Guide

Looking for a new garage door opener and can’t decide which one would be the best garage door opener for you? Worry no more! The opener reviews given below are your one-stop solution to finding the for yourself.
Side garage openers and smart garage openers are some of the known types of garage door openers which have been introduced in the market by garage door manufacturers over the course of years. Improved safety features, value and performance, noise reduction and the introduction of smart technology are some of the best improvements made in good  door openers of the year 2018.
We have contrived a list of top 10  best garage doors opener, including the best smart garage openers, to aid you in the selection of garage door opener which fits the vest to your needs. All the high-end openers included in this list of top ten are carefully selected based upon their ratings.

Best Garage Door Opener 2018

Garage Door OpenerRatingReliabilityAvailable InPricing
Chamberlain Wd832kev
Editor's Choice
GreatUSA Check Price
Chamberlain PD612EVGreatUSA Check Price
Liftmaster 8550wGoodUSA Check Price
Chamberlain wd962kev
Editor's Choice
GreatUSA Check Price
Liftmaster 8500GreatUSA Check Price
Genie Quietlift 800GreatUSA Check Price
LiftMaster 828LMAvgUSA Check Price
Chamberlain wd1000wfAvgUSA Check Price
SOMMER 1042V001GreatUSA Check Price
Chamberlain PD762EVGoodUSA Check Price

Featured garage door opener Reviews

1) Chamberlain Wd832kev – Best of 2018

Best Garage Door OpenerChamberlain wd832kev is the quietest, highest rated in our list of highest rated glass door openers. Chamberlain model # wd832kev has the key feature of quietest operation. If we talk about the heavy-duty openers, wd832kev chamberlain has attained a good reputation in it. Due to its matchless features and user-oriented design, chamberlain ultra-quiet glass door opener has earned an unquestionably great repute in the list of top rated. This Chamberlain wd832kev review will round about all the features of the chamberlain belt garage door opener.

Chamberlain- the manufacturer of best garage door openers- has stunned the world of openers with this heavy-duty yet greatly silent opener. Known for its innovative creativity and modern technology, Chamberlain has been able to gather a huge amount of consumer trust in the past couple of years. Chamberlain wd832kev is an emblem of the finest craftsmanship offered by the said brand and it is reliable in every way.
Chamberlain wd832kev is best known for its quietest operation. This quiet operation is obtained as a result of efficient and stable functioning of a powerful ½ horsepower motor. This motor is encased in a vibration isolation box which absorbs all the vibrations created during the functioning of the motor. This means that you will only get efficient delivery of performance and value without any noise. In today’s era of smart technology, the door openers have also acquired smart features. Chamberlain wd832kev is compatible with MyQ and can be controlled from outside the home.


  • Quiet operation
  • MyQ enabled
  • Timer to close feature included
  • Siple and instant rail installation


  • Belt grip issues
  • Functional flaws


Chamberlain wd832kev is unquestionably one of the best openers of 2018. It has all the innovative features of a heavy duty and quiet garage door. The saggy belt grip can be an issue for new users.

2) Chamberlain Pd612ev – Garage Opener Under 150$

Garage Door Opener Under 150$Choosing a door opener which perfectly fits your needs without costing you an arm and leg is a tough task to accomplish. In Chamberlain garage door opener reviews, chain driven are the most popular out of the many different types of garage door openers. Chamberlain pd612ev is a cheap glass door opener. When we compare the cost of openers, Chamberlain pd612ev is unquestionably one of the cheap openers with price less than 150$.
Chamberlain pd612ev is an emblem of the all-inclusive and excellent craftsmanship of Chamberlain. This high-end best garage door opener features all the amazing perks of Chamberlain technologies. By delivering maximum efficiency at a low cost, Chamberlain pd612ev speaks for the matchless value and performance of Chamberlain.
Chamberlain pd612ev features Internet gateway comparability. Most of the new garage door openers are progressively incorporating the Internet Gateway compatibility in their functions. This feature allows the users to access and monitor the garage door remotely from their vehicles. Instead of wasting time on leaving the car, pushing the garage opener buttons and finally parking your vehicle inside the garage you can now skip all these steps by remotely opening your garage door. Chamberlain pd612ev features an MyQ technology. This free app lets the users monitor and operate the garage door from their vehicles. All you need to have is your Smartphone and get the Internet Gateway, CIBGU, installed in it.
The common problem that garage owners face is the lightening of the garage space once they step into it. Chamberlain pd612ev eliminates this problem by using 200w light bulbs. This light turns ON automatically once you open the garage door. This means that you can carry as much stuff as you want to store in the garage without having search for the light switch. It also makes vehicle parking a lot safer.
Chamberlain pd612ev is quick to install and easy to use. This one-car best garage door opener can cover a height of 7 feet with roof coverage of 8 feet. The rails and chassis which are used for the installation of this best smart garage door opener are made up of solid steel. The rails are 8feet and 10 feet and last for long periods of usage.
When it comes to performance, Chamberlain pd612ev has a prominent place here as well. By featuring a ½ horsepower motor, Chamberlain pd612ev is what you need for a continual and steady delivery of durable performance.


  • Patented security rolling code 1.0
  • Transmitters feature multiple frequencies to reduce interference
  • Internet Gateway and smartphone compatible
  • Automatically turning ON 200w lights
  • 3 button remote controls, wall control and wireless entry system


  • Tricky maintenance and replacement
  • No auto shutdown timer

Conclusion Of Garage Opener Under 150$

Chamberlain pd612ev is a good pick for a top rated product to be installed in garages. Apart from some technical and mechanical safety flaws, the unit is a reliable choice.

3) Liftmaster 8550w – Best Selling Garage Door opener

Best Selling Garage Door OpenerIf you are looking for buying a best garage door opener which will have the best type of features coupled with quiet operation, Liftmaster 8550w in our buying guide is the right pick for you. This practically silent door opener gives tough competition to some of the quietest peners such as chamberlain wd962kev. The wd962kev whisper drive, as explained in wd962kev review, has quiet working which is comparable to that of Liftmaster 8550w. In our whisper quiet drive review, Liftmaster 8550w deservingly wins a spot in top 10 best garage openers of 2018 when it comes to having the quietest operation.
When you decide to buy openers, don’t forget to have a look at Liftmaster garage door openers. This brand has created some of the best rated products and takes pride in its innovative craftsmanship. Whether you want security proofing of your garage door or want to have complete control over your Liftmaster appliances, this brand has expert solutions in all. By introducing smart technology in its products, Liftmaster certainly has created a prominent place in the car garage openers market.

LiftMaster 8550W is that home best garage door opener that everyone wants for the protection of their home. This innovative opener has the innovation of smart technology. An MyQ app, which is free of any cost, comes along with it. All you have to do is connect it to your WiFi and enjoy complete, mobile control of your car garage opener. Not only this, LiftMaster 8550W takes your security into special consideration as well. Only unique key codes are sent to your device which can be accessed to open this best smartphone garage opener. This means that not only do you have complete control over the functioning of this opener, but also only you will be able to unlock it in time of need. All that you need to do is simply install the free app on your Smartphone and access it whenever you want.
Most of the new garage openers make a weird kind of sound which can be irritating to the users. However, LiftMaster 8550W is nothing like those noisy openers as it has the quietest operation. You can enjoy all the features of this garage door opener, late at night, without creating much noise.
LiftMaster 8550W has the most durable and powerful Liftmaster Motors. Due to their robust and instant functioning, these motors make up the most reliable door opener which is only going to help you continuously. Unlike the common openers which die out in case of low battery, LiftMaster 8550W features a battery backup. This backup keeps the garage door working in desperate times when power is low.


  • Quiet operation
  • Battery backup in case of emergency usage
  • Code-based safeguarding of house
  • Smart garage door opener.
  • The auto-close feature also present


  • Slow opening and closing of the door
  • The light remains ON at all times.

Conclusion Of Best Selling opener

LiftMaster 8550W is one of the high-end, best budget product. It is compatible with smartphones. The slow speed of functionality is a major bad thing related.

4) Chamberlain wd962kev – Top Rated

Topped with the cherry of chamberlain warranty, chamberlain wd962kev is here to win the hearts and satisfaction of its users. This electric product is no less than a treat for garage-owners due to its efficient and quiet door-belts. Out of the many electric openers currently available in the market, chamberlain wd962kev is the easy end electric garage opener which is easy to install and use. The tools and parts required for the installation of this garage door can easily be found at retail hardware stores. Chamberlain wd962kev installation is the easiest installation of door belts ever known by the servicemen and it will only take a couple of before you can finally enjoy the matchless protection of this finest opener.

Chamberlain continues to stun the market of garage door openers with yet another amazing best garage door opener, the chamberlain wd962kev. This innovative and technologically advanced opener is not only the most reliable solution to your security needs but also, good for day-to-day usage. Precise and simple controls, easy-to-make adjustments, remote control of the garage door openers, quiet operation and battery backup are some of the major features of chamberlain wd962kev. Years of hassle-free service has led Chamberlain to create this easy to install, high-end door opener which is simply going to rock your world.
The most remarkable features of chamberlain wd962kev are the excellent remote controls and timer shutdown. The remote features two 3-button controls which are capable of detecting temperature change and motion sensing. This means that the garage door light will remain shut off and only turn ON when you are near. The temperature fluctuations are also tackled with the Auto-force Sensing technology. This technology monitors temperature fluctuations near the garage door and makes force adjustments accordingly.
The motion sensing remote control offers more effective and better manipulation of MyQ lightning, keypads and garage door lightening whenever needed. This means that not only do you have complete control over the functioning of this garage door but also it facilitates your day-to-day usage by its motion sensing which makes necessary adjustments for you whenever you are near.
Talking about the timer-to-close feature, it allows automatic shutting down of the garage door after a certain period of remaining open. It is very probable for you to forget about closing garage door during the hassle of everyday routine. This can prove to be highly dangerous as it provides an inlet for outsiders. But with Chamberlain wd962kev, there is no much worry. This double garage door opener will automatically shut down the garage door after 1, 5 or 10 minutes of remaining open.
Chamberlain wd962kev features a powerful HPS belt. This ¾ HPS belt drive delivers maximum performance without creating much noise. The built-in battery feature, in addition to all other features, allows this new garage door opener to work when the power is unavailable. Chamberlain wd962kev is the hp garage door opener that you immediately need installed in your home.


  • Built-in Battery for non-stop function
  • Motion sensing remote controls
  • Timer-to-close for automatic garage door shutdown
  • Smartphone-enabled
  • Wireless keyless entry system and control panel


  • The trouble with correct door opening
  • Vague instructions

Conclusion Of Top Rated Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain wd962kev is the easiest high rated garage door opener. It features all the perks of expensive garage door openers. Make sure to properly find and understand all the instructions in chamberlain motion sensor manual before operating it.

5) Liftmaster 8500 – Garage Opener for the Money

8500 Liftmaster is by far the best model in the jackshaft reviews as well as side mount garage door opener reviews. 8500 Liftmaster elite home is a strong competitor of chamberlain jackshaft opener as well as Chamberlain wall mount. If you want a shaft mounted opener, Liftmaster 8500 wall mount is the perfect choice for it. Liftmaster model 8500 has succeeded in satisfying the garage door safety needs for a large number of users.
Elite series 8500 by Liftmaster has created a lot of quality and standard competition in the openers market. By setting new consumer satisfaction goals and introducing innovative features, Liftmaster has spurred the rest of the brands to create a unit that may give a good competition to the 8500 Liftmaster elite. Liftmaster model 8500 is the Liftmaster 8500 best check latest price model and it is here to facilitate its buyers in all the convenient ways.
One of the most common problems that users face during the installation of openers is lack of enough roof space. Usually, most of the garages have only a few inches of roof space present above their shutter. Such a small space is insufficient to contain any kind of high rated garage door openers. To overcome this situation, wall mounted or shaft mounted have been introduced over the past few years. Liftmaster model 8500 is one of the best wall mount, shaft mount or side mounts . Yes, you read it right. It can be installed on the walls, on sides as well as on the shafts of the unit. This means that having lesser space above the garage door is no longer going to stop you from enjoying all the quirks and benefits of installing Liftmaster 8500 wall mount.

Liftmaster 8500 wall mount features the powerful and durable p3 motors which are guaranteed to deliver continuous power. This motor has a highly efficient yet quiet operation. Unlike the common openers, like the one in guardian garage opener reviews, which create a lot of vibrations and noise during their function, Liftmaster 8500 wall mount minimizes the vibration and reduces the noise to almost none. Due to this reason, Liftmaster gives a tough deal of challenge to the Guardian.
The reduced noise and fewer vibrations make this opener a perfect fit for home best garage door opener. It can be used in garages which are surrounded by rooms as this opener does not make much noise.


  • Patent 2.0 security system
  • MyQ compatible
  • Wall mount design to save space
  • Powerful and reliable p3 motors
  • Quiet operation


  • Poor quality switches and controls
  • Vague instructions


Liftmaster 8500 wall mount is one of the best garage door openers of 2018. The features are just amazing for garages with small roof spaces. Improvements can be made in the design.

6) Genie Quietlift 800 – Best Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie quietlift 800 is a must-have in your garage door buying shortlist. By being the best home garage door opener, it has facilitated a lot of users. Genie garage doors openers are for wooden doors as well as other kinds of doors. Genie quietlift 800 is an electronic garage door opener which works quietly and efficiently to lift the garage door for you. Genie quietlift 800 features a garage door belt. This garage door belt drives the garage door and lifts it when needed. Out of the garage motor reviews, genie garage door motors wins a prominent reputation here as well.
Over the course of years, Genie has created some of the most reliable and innovative garage door openers to stun the market. Many of its units remain the best garage openers of 2018. This brand believes in reliable production of home safety units. The Genie Company has been successful to gain the trust of many customers since its establishment. By providing nationwide services, this brand covers everything related to customer service. Genie quietlift 800 is an emblem of matchless craftsmanship by The Genie Company. It holds all the characters as well as innovative features introduced by the Genie.

Genie quietlift 800 is simply the best pick for home garage openers of 2018. It features one of the quietest and most powerful ½ horsepower motors. This motor has a durable built and delivers what it promises. A continuous supply of power in a sturdy and safe manner for the lifting of doors is achieved by the virtue of this motor.
When it comes to quiet operation, Genie quietlift 800 wins the game here as well. Genie quietlift 800 has been claimed as one of the most silent and efficient garage door openers ever owned by the many users of it. Genie quietlift 800 is a belt driven garage door opener and it has easy installation. It can cover garage doors with heights as high as 7 feet and weight as much as 500 pounds. It is most suitable for wooden garage doors.
Genie quietlift 800 features a cutting-edge T-Beam which either meets or surpasses the safety standards set by the state, federation, UL or CSA regulatory. The most amazing thing, apart from its quiet operation, is its reverse closing feature. The beam of this home garage door opener is capable of identifying an object that is passing below the garage door. In such cases, the shutdown of garage door will be reversed to save the object moving beneath.


  • Quiet and smooth belt driven operation
  • Can cover garage doors as high as 7 feet
  • Reverse shutdown in case of moving the object
  • ½ HP plus DC motor for powerful operation


  • The poor quality material used
  • Switches get stuck


Genie quietlift 800 is a best of 2018 for the category of home garage door openers. Apart from minor quality and assembly flaws, it is a good pick for home garage door openers.

7) LiftMaster 828LM – Best Affordable Garage Door Opener

Best Affordable Garage Door OpenerOut of the many reviews of garage door openers for heavy doors, LiftMaster 828LM is a good product due to its tremendously amazing ability to lift heavy garage doors. It features a gateway wire net and a garage door wifi. The 82lm internet gateways used in this affordable opener is one of the latest internet gateways ever used in glass door openers. LiftMaster 828LM is not only internet product but is also a wifi enabled opener. 828LM reviews will explain to you the many aspects and features of this cheap.
Listmaster is a renowned name in the market for door openers. This brand is an emblem of user reliance and innovative craftsmanship. For years this brand has created dome of the most reliable openers the fruits of which are still being enjoyed by the consumers. By having a satisfied and happy consumer range, L;Liftmaster has expanded its production and creates new and better products for all kinds of users. Liftmaster 828LM is yet another amazing creation by this brand and this unit has created a lot of hype in the market 2018.
Most of the common garage door openers are not suitable for the lifting of heavy garage doors such as those used in a staple in garages. To overcome this problem, large openers are installed so that heavy doors made from steel can easily be lifted. 828LM excels in tackling such a situation and is, therefore, given the label of heavy garage door opener. This means that whether your garage door is made from wood or heavy steel, 828LM will take care of all.

828LM strictly believes in the seamless processing of information between users and the garage door opener. It features an MyQ enabled technology. This smartphone-enabled technology is the best to be used in internet garage door openers. By letting two-way communication possible between users as well as the garage door, the 828LM not only saves your time but also your energy. 828LM is a WiFi enabled opener. This means that all you have to do in order to access and operate this glass door opener is a smartphone and the 828LM mobile app. The mobile app is not only free from subscription charges but also simple to use.
828LM is a wifi enable opener and it can easily connect to your home router. You can control this opener from anywhere.


  • For heavyweight doors
  • MyQ technology for internet compatibility
  • WiFi enabled
  • Simple installation and controls


  • The app can stop working in case multiple doors are connected
  • The setup is a bit complicated


828LM a good opener and has deservingly made its place in the list of best garage door openers of 2018. The setup can become a little too tricky to handle by common people. Click here to see how to buy this garage door opener for heavy doors.

8) Chamberlain wd1000wf – Garage Door Wifi Opener

Chamberlain wd1000wf 1-1/4 hps holds a high rank in the wd1000wf review for the Chamberlain group wd1000wf. Cd1000wf chamberlain is not only one of the best of 2018 but also it has won a satisfactory deal of consumer trust. Chamberlain wd1000wf is a wireless opener and offers minimum resistance in the installation and operational steps. Chamberlain garage door remote and chamberlain wd1000wf manual are the additional and much-needed perks that you will enjoy after buying this chamberlain product.
Chamberlain is unbeatable when it comes to creating brilliant chamberlain garage door openers. This brand has years of expertise coupled with excellent craftsmanship. By being able to create some of the best products of 2018, Chamberlain has improved its ranking in the competitive world of openers. Chamberlain wd1000wf is one of the reasons as to why Chamberlain initiated a breakthrough in the door openers market.

Chamberlain wd1000wf is a remarkable and high-end opener suitable for average sized garage rooms. Two of its variants, the 7708CB and 7710CB have a computability with 8 feet high and 10 feet high garage door respectively. Chamberlain wd1000wf is a large opener and it can facilitate the parking of large vehicles as compared to the rest of the popular garage door openers.
Unlike the common garage door openers which break down under frequent usage, Chamberlain wd1000wf shows resistance against breaking down in periods of excessive usage. It features a highly powerful 1-1/4 Horsepower motor which is good enough to smoothly drive this garage door opener whenever needed.
The most amazing feature of Chamberlain wd1000wf is its glass LCD display. The LCD display shows adjustments such as time, temperature, program, diagnostics, additional remotes and light controls. In addition to a clear display of all these amazing perks, Chamberlain wd1000wf also allows the users to make necessary arrangements and settings easily.
Chamberlain wd1000wf is suitable to be used near rooms due to its whisper quiet operation. The powerful motor delivers maximum power without creating much noise and vibrations. It also has a battery saver mode which supplies power to garage door opener in case of power outages. Chamberlain wd1000wf features WiFi and smartphone compatibility. The MyQ app used in it allows you to have full control of the unit from anywhere and everywhere.


  • Battery backup to compensate power outages
  • WiFi and smartphone compatibility for remote controlling
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Powerful 1-1/4 hp motor.


  • No auto shut down timer
  • Vague setup instructions


Chamberlain wd1000wf is unquestionably one of the best garage door openers of 2018. It has all the features of performance and value. Make sure to properly read the manual before making settings.

9) SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 – Direct Drive Door Opener

Sommer direct drive 1042v001 holds a high rank in sommer review as well as direct drive reviews. Direct drive 1042v001 is the best direct drive garage door opener due to its matchless efficiency and clean operation. The users who have had an experience with this unit report it to be highly useful with a few minor problems. However, the DirectDrive/Sommer Opener user manual included within the unit can help you tackle with Sommer problems.
SOMMER Direct Drive is one of the quietest openers. This unit is so quiet that users have reported doubling check to see if the unit is really locked. This incredibly quiet operation is a result of the minimum vibrations caused by the highly efficient motor. In addition to the quiet motor, SOMMER Direct Drive has a simplified operation. The motor rolls over one railing only and thus the mechanical noises are also reduced. This means that you can use SOMMER Direct Drive near your rooms without disturbing your sleep.
Usually, the average coverage height of common garage door openers ranges from 5 to 6 feet. Such height is not suitable for tall people and heavy vehicles. However, this is not the case with SOMMER Direct Drive as it has the capability of covering garage doors with heights 7 feet or 8 feet.
The controls and transmitters used in this home garage door opener are as simple and as efficient as it gets. The unit uses a unique Security rolling code which can only be received by garage owner for opening the gate. In order to reduce frequency interference, SOMMER Direct Drive has two-2 button transmitter and an interior wall station. It has an operational frequency of unique 310 Hz.
SOMMER Direct Drive features amazing functionalities for user safety. It has a sensor beam and an internal sensor which automatically sense any obstacle in the movement of the garage door. If any obstacle is sensed in the way, the movement of garage door is reversed until the obstacle is removed from the way.


  • Pressure plate provides better grip of the unit
  • Can cover garage doors up to 8 feet high
  • Unique Security code received by the owner only
  • Quiet operation
  • Homelink compatibility


  • Designing flaws
  • Slow operation
  • Poor lightening


SOMMER Direct Drive is a good pick for a simplified garage door opener. It offers maximum functionalities in a simplified design. However, the light positions can cause disturbance for the user as the shade is created.

10) Chamberlain PD762EV- Good Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain pd762ev is here to give a competition to all the quality garage door openers included in the craftsman garage door opener reviews and odyssey garage door opener reviews. Pd752kev chamberlain is a silent opener and due to this feature, it is favored by many users. By being the best cheap garage door opener, Chamberlain pd762ev has surpassed many units present in the overhead door opener reviews and automatic opener reviews. Simple installation, quiet operation, efficient working, user convenience, good lightening as well as low cost are the reasons why Chamberlain PD762EV is labeled as the champion opener.

Chamberlain PD762EV is yet another amazing creation by Chamberlain. This new product by Chamberlain meets all the modern standards of design, quality, and efficiency. Chamberlain has introduced an all-inclusive yet simplified opener in the form of Chamberlain PD762EV . If you want a simplified design which can control the opening and closing of your garage door upon your instructions then Chamberlain PD762EV is the best pick for you.

The previous models of Chamberlain had no to little Homelink Compatibility. Homelink, as you know, is the technology through which any user can control the turning On and Off of garage lights, home appliances, garage doors and other smart devices present in his home. All the controlling is done via a WiFi enabled smartphone from any place in this world. Chamberlain PD762EV exclusively features Homelink compatibility. This means that making the necessary garage arrangements for your vehicle parking or other purposes is only a click away. This feature will save you the time and energy invested in manual garage door opening.
Chamberlain PD762EV features a highly powerful ¾ horsepower motor. The robust power created by this powerful motor is efficiently carried to the durable and rugged chain. The chain quality is so good that it will last for long periods of usage. MyQ connectivity, in-vehicle remote controlling and 3 button visor controls with tri-band frequency are the additional perks which come with this unit.


  • Homelink compatible
  • MyQ enabled WiFi connectivity
  • In-vehicle remote controlling
  • Powerful ¾ HP motor
  • Durable chain


  • Creates noise
  • Tricky installation


Chamberlain PD762EV is one of the best of 2018. It has some of the most innovative and user-oriented features. However, the noisy operation can be an issue for most users.

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